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Why Join Us?

At NakedCherry we believe in hygiene, professionalism and empowering you in your journey of success. We are not an accredited association or school (yet!) however after training we hope to bring you into our fruit basket, be it as a Wax Enthusiast, a Franchisee or as a NakedCherry Stockist. We do not believe in any coincidences, so: Welcome to this Journey.

We are the ‘something different’.

We’re not just about beautiful waxing products. Whether you’re a single-room salon or a large waxing chain, we are here to help you succeed at waxing.

Take a look below at some of the reasons we think you should join us.

Value for money

Some suppliers get confused between wholesale and retail, but our products are priced just right. This means that you save on costs on our professional range and increase your profit margin with our retail range, finding the perfect balance between high quality and value for money.


Whether you choose to become a VeryCherry salon or a regular stockist, you automatically get listings on our websites, recommendations to our clients when they look for something in your area and exposure through press and other marketing endeavours.


Becoming a stockist entitles you to  training to upskill your Wax Enthusiasts. Our training programs cover not only waxing itself but also more business-focused training for your staff, such as how to retail and rebook customers.

Support products

Become a stockist and you get the opportunity to purchase support products such as gloves, spatulas, bed roll and more from us. We have negotiated discounts with our suppliers to pass them to you at cost price (plus a small storage/stocking fee), which you will find cheaper than at any other salon supplier. (or we’ll eat our halo)

Order how you want

No minimum orders. Order as little or as much as you need. Pay by EFT, credit card or paypal. Order via email, over the phone or through our online stockists-only web shop. Take a look at your orders both current and historical, along with tracking on shipped orders all online, from your computer, tablet or phone.

Your very own Wax Guru

‘You mean a sales rep’ we hear you say, no, not quite. Your account manager wants to help you get it right. We provide someone that not only sells our product but helps you make sure that you succeed at waxing and retail, provides the support you want and a cup of tea when you need it.

Beautiful products

We don’t want to sound narcissistic, but we did have to mention that we have done our best to make beautiful products. The vintage pin-up and our vintage car inspired style, will look great on your shelves and give you a variety of homecare products to choose from (if not the whole range), and ensuring selling the products will be easy. Unlike other products, we have focused on having a feminine and masculine range in high quality bottles and jars, making our products that much more appealing..

Say hello

Send us an email to ; drop us a WhatsApp (+27 71 045 4439) or send us a direct message via your fave Social Media platform with your business details and what you are interested in and we’ll respond to you as quick as we can.

NakedCherry Retail Range Polaroid

NakedCherry His and Hers Homecare Products

NakedCherry Waxing for Him and Her Polaroid

Our beautiful products

Comfortably Cool

Reduced Drag

Always Pliable

Sensitive & Hypoallergenic

All our retail and professional products were born in-boutique, tested to death and designed specifically to keep waxed skin smooth and beautiful.

Our complete waxing-focused skincare range for men and women. Beautifully aromatherapy inspired, our products focus on exfoliation and nourishment with natural antiseptics to banish Ingrowns, leaving your skin smooth and gorgeous.


Find out more about our products

Our Passion

Premium Products

Our aftercare range is inspired by mother nature. Nourishing and aromatic oils combine to assist the skin after your wax treatment, and to ensure a smooth and bump free journey for all.


NakedCherry ❤ Hygiene! We promise our clients that we will always wear gloves during our treatments. We do not double dip the wooden spatulas used for hot wax treatments. We will always have a fresh disposable bed roll cover for each client.

Gorgeous Waxes

Our waxes are enriched with subtle aromatherapy notes to inspire calm and relaxation during the treatment. Additionally our vegan wax is free from animal products, and is also colourant and fragrance free making it a hypoallergenic option to those with skin sensitivities.

The Small Print

We got things waxed; do you? This is how…


Protocols in the salon:

  • Training must be uniform for all therapists
  • There must be a uniform training manual available to ensure that all therapists have access to the same information and procedures during training which will ensure universal knowledge in your salon.


Staff manual / Disciplinary Code in salon:

  • A staff manual with uniform procedures is useful to ensure salons are run uniformly, and service to clients are the same all round.
  • A freely available disciplinary code is not only required by law, but also allows therapists to understand which consequences will be attached to which undesirable actions. This avoids unequal application of disciplinary actions and ensures equal treatment of all staff.


Insurance to have for salon:

  • Public liability insurance: This type of insurance covers the business from liability claims from the public in instances where the public is somehow injured/damaged in your salon. See Professional Beauty insurance pamphlet for options.
  • Content Insurance: This will cover the content of your salon in instances of fire or theft. Important to have to allow for the continuance of your business when something goes wrong.

COVID Update - how we trying to keep us all safe

n top of all of the Old NC Ways – a few more quirks, tweaks or protocols added

• Strictly no Walk-Ins. Appointment only
• Prior to treatments, a confirmation will be sent with a link to fill in to confirm your appointment.  Unfortunately if not filled in – we will not be able to confirm the booking (this will be sent before each treatment for coming months to track visitors, temperature and and and… and you know how we prefer being prepared)
• Customers will be required to wear a face mask.  No mask, no treatment. Selected branches will have masks on sale for you to purchase.
• We will now wear a face mask and face shield.
• Please don’t laugh at our functional pinnie covers/aprons. We still trying to maintain our brand look and not look like we work at the butchers :p There is no way to look pretty, brand-appropriate and economical – currently hygiene is all we got… if you lucky, we may ask you to spray us down ;)
• Please wait for your Wax Enthusiast to come to get you as she has a few things to do with you before getting started. If there is a reception in this branch, please ensure you are keeping the recommended 1.5m distance from one another
• On your arrival your Wax Enthusiast will now meet you, Spritz your down and go through our checklist (then wax on, wax off – smooth once more).
• All beds covered with plastic sheeting to make easier for sanitizing between treatments (due to the lack of soft furnishings on the bed, a double layer of bedroll will be used for each client).
• If you are naturally cold, please bring socks/own old towel (in case we make an oops and get some wax on it) to keep tootsies warm or leave an item of clothing on to keep you cosy
• Baskets under beds or next to changing area for all your personal belongs to be put into. Easier for sanitizing purposes
• After your treatment and whilst you are getting dressed, we will not be leaving treatment rooms as we want to minimize the waiting period between clients. We need to sanitize bed, doors, all handles, drawers, wax counter, card machine and tablet
• Strictly no more cash payments – card only



Thanks for your message! We'll reply as quickly as possible, but in the meantime: if you're a stockist looking to carry NakedCherry products, you can email If you'd like an appointment, book online now or continue here  for support :)