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A change is as good as a holiday, right? And we all need a holiday.

So as a first step, NakedCherry has taken the plunge and moved our Parkhurst waxing boutique to 7th Avenue in Parktown North (still The Parks) but right in the hub of things. All dolled up in delectable jewel tones but the same NakedCherry Cherries and sass all for our smoothies.

We have snuggled up to Hines & Harley in the same building but it’s still very much NakedCherry, just swathed in emerald and sapphire tones. The new boutique is an exercise in space and relaxation while you are de-fluffed. Lie back, watch TV and chill while your friendly (masked and plastic pinafored) Waxing Enthusiast goes to town on you. Pick out your homecare products and even take home a waxing Muffin for the in-between appointment tufts. Covid-19 may be here to stay for some time but NakedCherry has and always will fly the hyper-hygiene flag.  As always, no nasties lurking, and our boutiques are sanitised all throughout the day and in-between all clients. Get your wax on and wax off with the best.

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This fantastic move up has got us thinking about our basket of NakedCherry boutiques, some of which are franchised to spread the cherry love.

Growing a business in South Africa, especially in these challenging times is key. Traditional business and corporate sectors are being hit hard with the fallout from Covid-19 and lockdown. Small to medium-size businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and now more important than ever to jumpstart our financial future in lovely South Africa and in fact the world at large. Here, with a contracting economy, it’s even tougher to ride out the commercial storm and it takes the fleetest of foot to create opportunities in adversity. Franchising is one of the best ways to take on an established brand without all the hairy initial growing pains.

Looking at the larger franchise businesses in South Africa, most franchising models require a large initial cash investment – gigantic in fact and likely out of the reach for most unless the mattress is stuffed with wads of cash. This is just the starting point. Then, there is the set-up and training and monthly fees and and and… Truly, it can be a white-knuckle ride especially in the rollercoaster that is Covid.

The NakedCherry model is more bite-size and incredibly good value for money considering the consistent support, high level of hands-on training and handholding all the way through the process. Think more thousands rather than hundreds of thousands. Best part is that the time-consuming hiring and training is part of the fee and you get a fully-fledged business running a NakedCherry Boutique salon – South Africa’s best-loved specialised waxing and skincare brand.

The mentorship and input from head office is a cut above the rest (even if I do say so myself) and communication is always free-flowing. Less top-down hierarchy and more inclusive chats which makes running your own business really feel like your own. Ideas and input are always welcome. It’s more like a family in fact.

If times have you considering what is next for you and yours (side hustle on your mind?), it’s worth taking the time to research a growing business at the earlier stages. Tried and tested after 8 years, NakedCherry has the longevity for a stable future in the hairy game that is waxing.

If you are keen, drop us a line I may be biased but, if it were me all over again, I’d pick the cherry on the top every time. NakedCherry are the best of the bunch.

Trust us, we got this waxed.


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COVID Update - how we trying to keep us all safe

n top of all of the Old NC Ways – a few more quirks, tweaks or protocols added

• Strictly no Walk-Ins. Appointment only
• Prior to treatments, a confirmation will be sent with a link to fill in to confirm your appointment.  Unfortunately if not filled in – we will not be able to confirm the booking (this will be sent before each treatment for coming months to track visitors, temperature and and and… and you know how we prefer being prepared)
• Customers will be required to wear a face mask.  No mask, no treatment. Selected branches will have masks on sale for you to purchase.
• We will now wear a face mask and face shield.
• Please don’t laugh at our functional pinnie covers/aprons. We still trying to maintain our brand look and not look like we work at the butchers :p There is no way to look pretty, brand-appropriate and economical – currently hygiene is all we got… if you lucky, we may ask you to spray us down ;)
• Please wait for your Wax Enthusiast to come to get you as she has a few things to do with you before getting started. If there is a reception in this branch, please ensure you are keeping the recommended 1.5m distance from one another
• On your arrival your Wax Enthusiast will now meet you, Spritz your down and go through our checklist (then wax on, wax off – smooth once more).
• All beds covered with plastic sheeting to make easier for sanitizing between treatments (due to the lack of soft furnishings on the bed, a double layer of bedroll will be used for each client).
• If you are naturally cold, please bring socks/own old towel (in case we make an oops and get some wax on it) to keep tootsies warm or leave an item of clothing on to keep you cosy
• Baskets under beds or next to changing area for all your personal belongs to be put into. Easier for sanitizing purposes
• After your treatment and whilst you are getting dressed, we will not be leaving treatment rooms as we want to minimize the waiting period between clients. We need to sanitize bed, doors, all handles, drawers, wax counter, card machine and tablet
• Strictly no more cash payments – card only



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