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NakedCherry Randpark Ridge Boutique

Find contact and location information for the Randpark Ridge NakedCherry Boutique here. See below for opening times. Use our handy visual guide on the right to find us at:

35 Kelly Road, Boskruin

Even though we have a centralised, uniform booking service for each of our boutiques, your waxing salon in Randpark Ridge’s most requested treatments is our waxing combo for a Bare Cherry and Full Leg, MANifico (Hollywood intimate wax) and both Brazilian and Bare Cherry (Hollywood intimate wax) bikini waxes for Her. For more information on our Treatment Menu, please click here >> What We Do

Find our Notting Hill room here

Our homely NakedCherry Randpark Ridge is located in Boskruin.

Address: 35 Kelly Road, Boskruin

Getting Here:  We are listed on both Google Maps and Apple Maps

Driving along Beyers Naude Drive towards Northcliff, turn right into Ysterhout Drive and then left into Kelly Ave.

Parking: There is parking available in the complex. Please ring the gate buzzer to be let in.

Entrance: When entering the main building, you can wait in reception for your Wax Enthusiast.

PS Wheelchair access.  Public toilets available.  Accept Debit & Credit Cards and Cash.  No Amex and Diners.

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NakedCherry Randpark Ridge Visual Location Guide
NakedCherry Randpark Ridge Visual Location Guide

Opening Hours:

Monday: 9am to 6pm

Tuesday: 7am to 2pm

Wednesday: 9am to 6pm

Thursday: 7am to 4pm

Friday: 9am to 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 5pm

Sunday: 9am to 3pm

COVID Update - how we trying to keep us all safe

n top of all of the Old NC Ways – a few more quirks, tweaks or protocols added

• Strictly no Walk-Ins. Appointment only
• Prior to treatments, a confirmation will be sent with a link to fill in to confirm your appointment.  Unfortunately if not filled in – we will not be able to confirm the booking (this will be sent before each treatment for coming months to track visitors, temperature and and and… and you know how we prefer being prepared)
• Customers will be required to wear a face mask.  No mask, no treatment. Selected branches will have masks on sale for you to purchase.
• We will now wear a face mask and face shield.
• Please don’t laugh at our functional pinnie covers/aprons. We still trying to maintain our brand look and not look like we work at the butchers :p There is no way to look pretty, brand-appropriate and economical – currently hygiene is all we got… if you lucky, we may ask you to spray us down ;)
• Please wait for your Wax Enthusiast to come to get you as she has a few things to do with you before getting started. If there is a reception in this branch, please ensure you are keeping the recommended 1.5m distance from one another
• On your arrival your Wax Enthusiast will now meet you, Spritz your down and go through our checklist (then wax on, wax off – smooth once more).
• All beds covered with plastic sheeting to make easier for sanitizing between treatments (due to the lack of soft furnishings on the bed, a double layer of bedroll will be used for each client).
• If you are naturally cold, please bring socks/own old towel (in case we make an oops and get some wax on it) to keep tootsies warm or leave an item of clothing on to keep you cosy
• Baskets under beds or next to changing area for all your personal belongs to be put into. Easier for sanitizing purposes
• After your treatment and whilst you are getting dressed, we will not be leaving treatment rooms as we want to minimize the waiting period between clients. We need to sanitize bed, doors, all handles, drawers, wax counter, card machine and tablet
• Strictly no more cash payments – card only